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Wythall YourVets

Wythall YourVets

Posted on 27th January 2012

Wythall Pet Vaccination Clinic expanded and re-branded YourVets

Years of battling with planners has paid off at last for the Pet Vaccination Clinic in Wythall. The south Birmingham branch, which put in for planning permission when it became so popular it outgrew its facilities, has finally been able to complete the expansion and improvement of its premises. The new clinic, which has been re-branded under the YourVets name, will open to the public on 12th February 2012. Not only will the Wythall clinic offer the same high-tech facilities as the other YourVets clinics aound the country, such as a laboratory, surgical suites, dentistry and ultrasound, but visitors will also benefit from the same great prices, too.

YourVets is a pioneering network of practices designed to allow pet owners first-class veterinary treatment for their beloved animals at a discounted price. The clinics do their utmost to keep costs as low as possible so that owners can receive the best care for their pets without having to worry about the bill. With six clinics already in operation throughout the East Midlands and Essex, YourVets is becoming a more popular choice with pet owners every day.

The clinic at Wythall has been enlarged and improved to supercede the old Pet Vaccination Clinic which had become very cramped due to its high popularity. The Wythall clinic has also been re-branded under the YourVets name, to reflect that fact that its veterinary care has grown to encompass the full range of veterinary procedures, rather than just vaccinations.

The staff are delighted to be able to deliver so much more to their clients. Wythall’s Practice Manager Suzanne Murphy explains: “I am really excited about the new clinic. We have a fantastic team of caring staff here at Wythall and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. We want pet owners to know that their animals will get the top-class care and treatment they deserve.” Head nurse, Hannah Orme, adds: “Being a theatre nurse, I love the fact that I can ensure all the animals in my care are in the very best of hands, and I’m looking forward to helping even more animals get well again once the new clinic is open.”

The clinic at Wythall is set in a countryside location. It has plenty of off-road parking, a fun, friendly and welcoming environment and veterinary care that pet owners can trust. No appointment is necessary, so visitors can simply turn up during opening hours to get their pets the treatment they need there and then – at an affordable price. And it’s all thanks to a team of hard-working, dedicated people, who were determined to win their struggle with the planners in order to give pets and their owners the best possible service.

Wythall’s clinic will be re-opening on 12th February 2012 and owners can register their pets now. For more information about YourVets, or to find out which is your nearest clinic, visit

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